As time goes by we as people get older.
Some may feel the weight of the world rest
on their shoulder's.
Just trying to live our live's in the crazy
world of politics and lie's.
Laws are always changing day by day.
They change the words of what they use to say.
Trying to put the piece's together, of our lives
they have severed.
A peaceful life is what the world yarns.
There is a war at every turn.
Nation's are fighting around the world,for what
they think maybe right.
Not thinking of the soldier's they put out there
to fight.
Our loved one's are lost each and every day.
Fighting for freedom, or so they may say.
More people dead the very next week.
Seems like they prey on our young, and the weak.
Leaving some soldier's hungrey on the street's,
Soul's that are lost fighting these war's,
It's left many of their loved one's with heart's very sore.
Why must the soldier's that make it home alive be shadowed,
and haunted by our government's lies,
Year's have gone by it's all still the same.
Liar's in our government, thats who's to blame.
Seems like the fight is never really won.
While we the people are loosing our daughters,
and sons.
We turn on the news all that we see, are stories
of people like you and like me..
Who's lives have been lost in a war over power.
It sickens my heart, It makes me feel sore.
In God we trust.....Then they send them
to battle.
Hundreds are sent to fight every day,
Fighting for freedom to keep us all safe.
From other countrie's that attack,for it
they get paid.
All it costs are the soldier's lives who
are sent out to fight,
They come home broken OR confused,due to
their live's being controled and abused.
Familie's are left behind by the soldier's who
died, getting nothing in return,but their bodies in a box,
and the flag it all stood when their live's
where lost..
Fighting for freedom as their live's it did cost.
The government has taken all that was right turn it
around into another fight.
Raping our children,
Raping our lives,
Raping this world of what it most thrives,
Taking it's dreams, the hope that we live
through another day, through the governmental lies.
We know that won't happen, for us they
control all that we do , every where we may go.
Our cell phones are tapped,
our privacy is invaided,
Our money controled, it's there for their taken.
It's been like this since government was created,
Hidden politics every where, with people mistreated,
The government and all of it's beatings.
Of course not.......
Its been happening since the dawn of time.
Controling our lives,
Controling our minds.
Comes a man, with his freedom of thought.
Him self a free thinker,all the liars,theves, and cheats,
words they are at loss.
The nations savior has come,to put it all to a stop.
All the chaos, all the wars, all the lives being lost,
All of the battle our great nation has fought.
Finely maybe some peace will be brought.
All nations be governed, stand STRONG together side by side.
In a world full of peace instead of

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