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to get in a simple talk about with others will cause you trouble stress and dismay, and nobody--will--WIN

Folks they just as a matter of exact fact,---they are --JUST-just-JUST--as---cement--SET--in their own --BELIEFS- --in--what--they---B-E-L-I-E-V-E----of -whats--good--bad--or--ugly-- right-- or---WRONG
and they won't differ change or sway from what they --BELIEVE-- in their--HEART--to,-- RIGHTLY-- or --LEFTLY--MIDDLEINGLY--INDEPENDENTLY------choose---to---vote--support--and--BELONG

Some folk they claim to be ---INDEPENDENT,---- then others split right down the ---MIDDLE
but for folks to mediate debate without hate, and agree to disagree, and communicate and bipartisan cooperate, they accomplish this very, minimal, and LITTLE

Bi-PARTISAN, support for the --LEFT, --RIGHT, ----INDEPENDENT-- or -the----MIDDLE
its  not, at all the commonality--reality, or--NORM--, to agree to disagree, and communicate and cooperate but the norm is to name calling, blaming, degrading, --and--shaming--pointing--the--finger--at--the--others--criticizing--and------BELITTLING

With --RELIGION-- its the exact, fact and same
how one --RELIGION-- is better and the best  than the other- --RELIGIONS------and---other ---RELIGIONS--, denounce, --put down and shame--and--all--in--their---HOLY--Higher---power----GOD-GOD-GOD-----and----JESUS-JESUS-JESUS-----HOLY-HOLY-HOLY-----BLESSED---NAME

With ---POLITICS-- and --RELIGION--,their just can never be a  --DEBATE
with --DEEP-- DIVIDE--, with --LOVE--, without ---DISAGREEMENT --, and --IRRATE--. HURTFUL--, ARGUMENT--NAME-- C-A-L-L-I-N-G----B-E-L-I-T-T-L-E-I-N-G---irrate--mean------HATE

So, it's better to keep your --FEELINGS-- to yourself alone
and to let you true feelings to be revealing not, as to avoid argument discussion and debate that will cause. Hate. And.-- deep -DEEP-deep---divide and unrest --which--will turn into --RAGE-- FRIGHT--, and --FIGHT-----causing -CAUSING-causing----HATE-HATE-HATE--- and ---DISCONTENT--with--DISCONNECT--and--RESENT--, with --------NO--------LOVE-LOVE-LOVE--------UNDERSTANDING---------THOUGHTFULNESS-------- KINDNESS-------- CARE-------- CONCERN--------,or--------COMPASSION--------- for --------the -----other,---- but ----leaving ----only------bitter deep divide and --COLDNESS--to--the--BONE

18th NOVEMBER 2017

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Politics and Religion