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Life, living, and--L-O-V-E--stresses
gets to us all, causing us hurt  hinderance, stall, and--FALL--and, makes us  FEEL-- so,-SO-so-- much , more, dreary, down, sad, and, low ,and, bad-----and--lesses

In our life, living, and--LOVE--we--deal, with all,our--daily--STRESSES
keeping us from, excelling, into our.---GREATEST--- and--being, our----very-VERY-very---BESTEST--of--our--B-E-S-T-E-S-T

With, you every, little and overwhelming, and great--stresses--try, your best, to --LOVINGLY--POSITIVELY--SMILE
most stresses will, eventually resolve,in,hopefully a little while

But some  stresses, prolong,
and last and--MAJORLY-EXTREMELY-and-HURTFULLY--stress us out with--MAJOR--FALLING--OUTS---way-WAY-way---too--uncomfortably--LONG

When things,  are, so wrong, when, falling outs last, uncomfortably, and too,--LONG
its -just- an uneasy--FEELING--dealing with,-- prolonged--STESS--as, it with you is just foreign,sad, bad, and wrong, and never will rightly in--A--GOOD--LOVING--GODLY--HEART--BELONG

For us all, our, life, living, and LOVE, STRESSES
Keeps, us, from being,our very greatest, complete, and, elite--GREATEST--and--BESTEST, of our --very-VERY-very--B-E-S-T-E-S-T

Try, your , very BEST
in, your life, living, and--LOVE--to, heal, pray, and deal, with and--PRAY,your, each and--every-EVERY-every---stresses--away--and--faithfully, with--LOVE--do--your--BESTEST--of--your--BEST-----PRAY---and--R-E-S-T

19th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Life, living, and --LOVE-- stresses