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Everything ------COUNTS----and -------E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G----- --MATTERS
every-- TIC--TAK-- and --TATTER

What matters, the --MOST
is, when, we, continue  to,  do our--very-VERY-very--Best, even when we feel, like--BURNT--TOAST

Everything counts
everything, and EVERY little, AMOUNT

Everything, matters
for us all, in all,that happens and--OCCURS

Everything  COUNTS  and  MATTERS ,for  US all,  with---RISE--or--FALL
that will make us ------F-E-E-L-----GREAT---or---SMALL---WEAK----or----TALL

Everything matters, and every. Little, and big, good, bad, and  ugly.--- Things ---matters--and---COUNTS
for, our, HEALTH, WELLBEING, FITNESS, LONGEVITY, and,  WEALTH--as,, every little good bad and  ugly happening things, become in our,life, living, and ,--LOVE--curse,setback, turmoil,strife, or. Great beautiful, BLESSINGS, --in--great--AMOUNTS

With every--TIC--TACK--and--TATTER
STAYING--TRUE--to--THY--OWNSELF--and, having--GREAT-FAITH-and- HOPE--through--LOVING--and----PRAYER--and---SURRENDER---is---------HEAVENS------W-O-R-T-H

19th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Everything counts