My Life (post divorce and empty nest) in Sonnets

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Ironic Love

Original Contemporary Poetry by author, Jean Parr

"Ironic Love"

In the lyrics of the late Whitney Houston, "I wanna run to you;" I have found my voice, my lifespan
You have been in and out of my life, but I have no regrets; I saw the writing on the marquee
You exhibit all the qualities I desire in a man
I trust you and know in my heart that you would never intentionally let harm come to me

As I try to distract myself, you are never far from my mind, pure irony
I put on a brave face for the world to see, even though I'm desperately broken inside
At home, I feel so alone; there is no one there to hold me, care for me, see me for who I've been and who I'm trying to be
I just turn the volume up on the love song station to drown out my tears, cast aside

How do you not see that we are perfectly meant to be?
How do you explain why we are inextricably drawn to one another, time and time again?
We are both shattered, but on the mend, like our family trees
The only way we will make it is together, in the end

Face it, you are my destiny
Fate has placed you in front of me

All rights reserved by the author, Jean Parr, through, Copyright 2017