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To the soft fallen snow
I give thanks to my warm home.
To the artic wind I give thanks 
To your short lived cycle, it is in 
Your passing the dormant seeds
Spring forwards lifes story, in future
Season's glory.

The elements rejuvenate one by 
One, until the Maker's creative hand
 Is done..
I cast my thoughts to open frozen field
A yield  of grain feed by summer's rain
Now sleeps in silent dreams, it's blanket
White outstretched seams..

Walking in the early daybreaks glow, my 
Footprints are designed in snow,  I feed 
The horses, cows, and goats, and head
Back home for breakfast time, my busy
Hours Wake's to chimes.....

Life is all around, even in the ice bound
Sweet faces greet me at my door, my 
Grandchildren with sleds and gear, makes
Joy and softness reappear..
Loving  fun and songs so dear.. 
Their voices carry hope and love
Like the open wings of the peaceful

Sweet melodies fill the air, but now 
I find my rocking chair!  Napping soon
Then back to chores, my simple life
I adore...  It's all I ever asked the
Good Lord for...
My life has so much in store..
My days of chores, and cheer
A means of life outside my 

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A Day of Chores and Cheer