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When others PUSH, themselves from us--AWAY
if we PUSH, ourselvess to them,back--SOMETHING, --very-VERY-very-- deep inside of us dies and goes astray

Its called PRIDE
that deeply and hurtfully we lose in our hurting-- HEART--inside

When PUSHED, away
AWAY,, we need to just  FAITHFULLY--PRAY--and--stay

Because when we are unwanted, disrespected,rejected, and SHUNED
something very deeply inside of us --CRIES-- and --DIES---becomes unraveled , and hurtfully--UNDONE

I use to feel, so frazzled, an dazzled troubled disturbed and just get up go burst with blast --WITH--GREAT--anger hurt and resent and feeling shamed and worthless and just nothingness and not good enoughess and just away--RUN--RUN--RUN--RUN--RUN--with, no, where to--GO----and-----hurtfully---AWAY-------RUN-RUN-----and-----R-U-N
but no MORE, as this moment in time in my life, living,and love--with--FOCUS-DRIVE-COMMITMENT---and---MOTIVATION--I'm--taking-- care of, myself with my fitness and wellbeing and HEALTH, as my longevity, and WEALTH,, and--most--importantly-----LOVING--LOVING--LOVING--- myself------SECOND--to--NONE, no matter what anyone else, does to me --PUSHES-- me away, strays-- and --shuns--I'm, taking cares of --MEs--second to--NONE, and with GOD, in my HEART, with --PURE-LOVE-and-joy--, in my path before me all battles fought with --LOVE,-- before me will be--greatly--WON

By John d  JUNGERS
20th of NOVEMBER 2017

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When others PUSH, themselves from us--AWAY