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To show, UNGRATEFULNESS, is to show, FOOLISNESS, which is selfishness , and--INSANE
being UNGRATEFUL, and, UNAPPRECIATIVE, and SELFISH, is--TROUBLING--and--just--crazy, insensitive, greedy,sad,bad,--and--a--SHAME

People forget the general rule,of thumb
treat others exactly as you want them to treat,you, smart, and wisely, not mean,and dumb

To, be--UNGRATEFUL, unappreciative, and, take others for granted complete
one day, those who chose this way and --FOOLISH--SELFISH--insane path,--defeat, will,humble, them from their,    high horse,   and they will fall, when treated, the same, and   BE  knocked down from their, fowl, air of selfish--self centered selfish--self proclaimed. Greedy,--mean--uncaring--elite

A, person who, is SELFISH, FOOLISH, INSANE--with, no--SHAME--and--UNGRATEFUL
its just simply, a shame, and--NON--DEBATABLE

is foolishness, and insaneness, at it's highest point and BEST

is insane, foolish, selfishness, shamelessly, unappreciatively--TREATING--others, so, unkindly, and LESS

20th of NOVEMBER 2017

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To have ungratefulness, is to show foolishness and is insane