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Sometimes, a writer may write a POEM
that is for themself all their own

Sometimes a writer will write. A, POEM
for all of the WORLD,to be known

Sometimes a writer writes a POEM
and in between the lines,  of reason, rhythm, and rhyme, not, exactly, precisely,  defined, are the writers thoughts, emotions and, feelings non revealing or exactly by any other  known

Sometimes a writer will, write a POEM, just exactly how they FEEL
and will in fact, and exact,detail, reveal, all of their true emotions and honest feelings in a POEM, so real

Some folks are so easy to put down shame and criticize
what is in a POEM, what a POEM, should be,, sophisticated, great and wise or silly or sour or sweet, with surprise

and any writer,Is,very proud of any and every--POEM--they, write and own

Different folks ,may not agree
and may feel the POEM, you wrote is  not, quite, great  enough, to be a--POEM--with, famous--REALITY

An artist does not paint to please every other, as a writer writes to first impress themself the best
and cares not complete, if, any other thinks his--POEM--is lower than the rest

A writer writes first and foremost to impress
themselves completely, and elitely, themselves first, and foremost the very, best

Some writers become famous in the worlds eyes, and heart
but before they became greatly and elitely,known, first, and FORMOST, they--believed, in themselves --and, that--GREATNESS--one,day they will achieve, with every simple little POEM, written,--------RIGHT--FROM---THE---S-T-A-R-T

20th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Sometimes a writer may write a poem