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My Grand-daughters I dearly miss
and to, see them very soon is my sincere hope goal and wish

I miss being around them 
even when they are moody fighting and arguing with one another too then

They know, when I'm around them when they fuss  fight and argue
thats what I dislike the most,and it's upsets me too

They know,that--THEM--I--EXPECT--and-- I --WANT--them-- to --ALWAYS-always-ALWAYS--- LOVE-LOVE-LOVE--one another, the--MOSTEST, the CLOSEST, and---get --along
and tread, one another with the utmost of respect, with happy song

I understand the sibling rivalry of the girls
of a nine-grader ,now and a cheer leader, and  kinda cool at fourteen, and . Sixth grader kinda fun at soon to be twelve,--and--the littlest  at great eight. And. They KNOW, with four fantastic. And challenging. Daughters of.  GRANDPAS. Own, I understand very well,their--complete growing challenges and--every day--WORLD

Then my other grand daughter at now. Know it all three
she is so close next to, my HEART,and  I'm missing her the MOST as this sleepless night--with,me--MISSING--THEM--ALL--with---SADNESS--and--REALITY

But the girls of three, --their--DAD--and--ME
had a major set back and argument, that caused communications , set back, and far from open,welcome-- and --FREE

He doesnt even want the girls to talk to grand pa--ME
so, really it's hurting me the most, as a sad REALITY

But , a lesson has to be taught to this grown boy and he better LEARN
To be very careful, the choices he makes with--bully--disrespect, and  know it all, about----------EVERYTHING-everything-EVERYTHING----------and--bridges--burned

As hard as it is
For me to miss these granddaughters of mine and  HIS kids

But a hard lesson for,  HIM that  HE has to LEARN
Is that--DIGNITY--and--RESPECT, --without--bulliness--and--neglect---HAS---to --be----EARNED

21st of NOVEMBER 2017

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My Grand-daughters I dearly miss