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LISTEN  and PRAY,with, LOVE, and FAITH, and truely--good, good heartly. Believe
that GODS. miracles,,and  Blessedely, Wonderful, Blessings you shall, abundantly--Recieve

LISTEN  very carefully when you PRAY
to each and everything exactly LOVINGLY, that, to the good, LORD,you wish to say

LISTEN very well
how you PRAY, and  to the good LORD, your  wish and hope to come true and tell

LISTEN, how you PRAY, and speak
be sure -PRAYERFULLY-- and lovingly ---everything-EVERYTHING-everything-- with compassion,kindness and thoughtfulness with GODLiNESS, you--seek

Do not be afraid and fear
LISTEN, to GODS,--- loving-LOVING-loving---, voice, to,  touch your HEART--and--appear

PRAY, for those in greater need
not for thy ownself , with materialistic --selfish, self-center, egotistical, greed

LISTEN, when you -PRAY-, to the --LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-- and direction of the --LOVING-LOVING-LOVING--LORD
walk talk, and -PRAY- with the LORD, and, his -LOVE-LOVE-LOVE- will protect you with his almighty. Great.truth, honesty,humbleness,sincerity--and--almighty--great--,  Sword

Believe the truth in his LOVING--HEAVENLY--all--KNOWING--and--LOVE--showing-- voice
LISTEN, to,  the --LOVING--almighty--LORD, when you PRAY,and when him the almighty him you seek and follow,you will be blessed and foreveringly be happy with LOVE-LOVE-LOVE--and. REJOICE, when you PRAY, and LISTEN,to  the--good-LORD,, as your loving blessed beloved--CHOICE

21st of NOVEMBER 2017

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Listen and PRAY