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I just, now got the sad news
that was hurtful and gave me the blues

From my cousin,dale, that my dearest and most, LOVING-AUNT, Dorthy today. Away--PASSED
in the past three years or so her health has been failing as her youngest daughter and husband both away passed, and-- another --Thanksgiving -day --she just couldn't last

My  cousins, bobby,  dale, and  carol
ALL-- were,, right by her side, --LOVINGLY--SO

Even aunt Dorthy, she was, very--ILL
the passing away, of a dear, and--LOVING--Family, member, is so hard and difficult--STILL

I just, spoke with my cousin, Dale,  in Wisconsin now, at his HOME
and returned his call, from my phone

My AUNT, Dorothy
she was the best, Loving, caring most Beautiful Aunt, always to ME

I know, that she was the youngest sister of Agnes my dear Mother
and I know that my MOM, and HENRY, my DAD, truely LOVED, Aunt, Dorthy,greater than any other

Always-ALWAYS-Always, such of a sweet  LOVING, Beautiful, charming Smile, upon her FACE
every where she went she positively would so LOVINGLY, light up every--room, and PLACE

In,  my Aunt Dorothy's Comfortable and LOVING, HOME SWEET HOME
her sweet treats to eat, we're so readily available to all, and so deliciously --AUNT-- DOROTHY, --FAMOUSLY--WORLD----LOVED-LOVED-LOVED---and--very--well--KNOWN

that will last a lifetime --so--special, and for a million miles

i LOVED, when she called me---JOHNNY--and, when I was in sports and became a MARINE, I knew that when she so sweetly smiled at me
that she was so proud as could BE

My favorite and best most --Beautiful AUNT--Dorothy
came to pass , away today as a sad reality

Always-ALWAYS-Always--in,my HEART--her--pretty,sweet, gentle LOVING,smile will Forever--STAY
and , for my cousins Bobby, carol, and dale, with all my --HEART--with, the loss of their Dear, Mother --I--LOVINGLY--for--them--PRAY

21st of  NOVEMBER 2017

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I JUST, now got the sad news