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My LOVING, Aunt, Dorothy, she, was the Youngest of kids of Eleven
born on a Farm in, Durand Wisconsin, and, Sadly today my Aunt, Dorothy has Passed Away, and is ---NOW----in the--HOLY-HOLY-HOLY--Loving--HEAVENS

For, my three cousins, Bobby, Carol, and Dale, today who, have lost, their--LOVING,--Mother --this---hurtful---DAY
my HEARTFELT, PRAYERS, are with them--in, every--WAY

My Aunt, Dorthy,her and my Mother,they were ,Best friends and really, so, so, so--LOVING--and--CLOSE
of all of my Aunts,---- My,--Dearest,-- AUNT- Dorothy,-- always,--I, --LOVED, --her --BEST---and--the --MOST

My Aunt, Dorithy,she, was so much like my Grand mother, in-----everyEVERY-every-----exact--good, great,-and------GRAND GRAND-GRAND-----beautiful-special--and--LOVING--Wonderful--GREAT--/WAY
the way that she wore --a---permanent grin --on, her--face--and --a--LOVELY--smile,-every,-moment, ----and, was so,kind,, and LOVELY, and--POSITIVE--how she so softly would speak, and--how--FAITHFUL--and--LOVINGLY--she--did------always-ALWAYS-always-----STAY

My aunt Dorothy,with her gentle, LOVING , demeanor,--LOVE, --care, and ,, compassion,with kindness, thoughtfulness, and a--PURE-GENEROUS--HEART, that, anyone who by --HER--was ever--touched --will , always remember --HER-- LOVING---smile and, it will forever endure
my Aunt Dorthy the, youngest child of--ELEVEN--Brantners, born in  Duand- Wisconsin--on a FARM,--from, family and friends, now in the--HOLY-HOLY-HOLY----HEAVENS--is, now at PEACEFUL--REST----------but by all here on earth,her  LOVINGNESS  care concern, and great HEART,of compassion, with beautiful, delight, and a giving,--DEAR-HEART--she, will be--Missed, --------by all-------but,----- will smile brightly in -----every-EVERY-every-----beautiful, LOVING --GREAT-HEART-, she has so ---------DEARLY--, Belovedely ----touched ---/and---/-go,-on -and -on,---and ----SHINE--and--SMILE----FOREVER------enduring---BRIGHT--with--LOVE--and--DELIGHT--for----SURE

21st of November 2017

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My LOVING Aunt Dorothy