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Put forth,--- LOVE, ---in your ways
dont let the selfishness,of any others cause you stress or dismay

Let ---LOVE,---be the path you chose
and you will have, peace,--- LOVE, ---and happiness,and you can, never fail, or--lose

With ---LOVE,---be happy,laugh out loud,,dance,whistle,hum, and merrily, merrily--sing
to, all others, seek, to shine your light and  happiness---LOVE--and--joy,--and--generously,beautifully--abundantly share, and  bring

With every step,walk with the----LORD-----LOVINGLY--uprightingly, straight, ---FAITHFUL------LOVING---, and true
put forth pure----LOVE,--- in everything,that,you, ponder,wonder,think, write and, reflect,in ink, say and--LOVINGLY--DO

21st of NOVEMBER 2017

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Put forth LOVE,in,your path and ways