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Starlit Winter Night

The morning was at her window,
rays of golden-amber hue 
So beholden...
A gentle snow dusted the fields...
Night solemnly yields.

A single tear streamed down her
Face, her love had left without
A trace. Now she faced
her mountain home...
reluctantly, alone.

What empty rooms with winding halls
Softly calls?
His books still opened by his chair
his essence filled the air.
Her aching heart
in much despair...

She held his glasses in her hands
Trying to understand, he left somewhere,
she could not follow
Her days without him seemed so hollow.

Sometime in the January gusting
Wind, he momentarily returns.
Her frail humanity lifts then sails
as the Northern winds prevail.
Their souls unite, in that lovely.
Starlit winter night... 

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Starlit Winter Night