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When you can--BRAVELY--turn your -CHEEK
lower your high pride, and with love, care,courage, and compassion--FORGIVENESS--SEEK

Your character is GODLY, GREAT, and AWESOME,
smart and wise, not weak, numb,  prideful, argumentative, mean, and dumb

When heaven and GODS,--lovingness,to take, the Heavenly, higher road and seek
when we can, have the intestinal fortitude to ---TURN-THE-Other--CHEEK--we-- shall, be ---BLESSED, ---when, peace and love --we--seek, SHOWING--GREAT--GODLINESS--strength of CHARACTER,--brave, and great,--when,we can turn the other cheek,show --GODS,------THANKSGIVINGS---with------great-GREAT-great----- love-----ELITE

22nd of NOVEMBER 2017

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When you can,--BRAVELY-- turn your cheek