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Poems of love, generosity, gratefulness, and, THANKSGIVING
that this--Pre-Thanksgiving,day, we should all be--GODLY---searching , ourselves in OUR, live LOVE, and--L-I-V-I-N-G

LOVE,is truth, great, pure, and sincere
LOVE, sits so gently next to our loving heart so, cherrishlingly--dear

With GENEROSITY, with,  all our Love, care concern compassion
With, great love and understanding,  WE,-- lovingly--seek -happiness -and-to--have--PEACE--with, --EVERYONE

With, sincere, and GODLY, Heavenly--GRATFULNESS
to all others with great , strength, grit and courage, we seek--FORGIVENESS

at least for all others lovingly, PRAY, for mercy grace and peace ,in their life--LOVE--and--LIVING

A GREAT, HEART, only knows how to LOVE, and shine,with, generosity, gratefulness, lovingness,--COURAGEOUSNESS--and--FORGIVINGNESS--at--their--GODLY--BEST
and on this--PRE--THANKSGIVING--DAY--give,--thanks, and  humbly pray,and pray---and--with, GOD, forefront, in body, -HEART-- and mind, say,---- AMEN----and, with peace and LOVE,---GENEROSITY--GRATEFULNESS-----and--GOOD-GREAT--and--GRAND---THANKSGIVINGNESS--at--it's--GODLY----very-VERY-very-----absolutely-----BEST-BEST-BEST----with--your---LOVING--GODLY--HEART-----S-M-I-L-E----GREAT------THANKSGIVINGLY--- and----with-peace--PRAY--stay--faithful-hopeful--and---positively---with--the--almighty--LORD--Lovingly--completely-elitely---simply-----REST

22nd of NOVEMBER 2017

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Poems of love generosity gratefulness and THANKSGIVING