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Sometimes, even in the greatest, and deepest, MUSUNDERSTANDINGS, and DIVIDE
it-------- always-ALWAYS-always--------takes-------the, -----stronger--person, to , show, mercy, grace, understanding, with --great-GREAT-great---COURAGE--- to FORGIVE, and --lovingly reach out and --CONFIDE

Sometimes people hang on so firmly , to their, own--PRIDE
caring selfishly not to lovingly communicate, and with others , from disagreement, with love, care, concern or compassion--talk, and confide

A person who would rather hold their DEEP--PRIDE, and self rightiousness --deeply--WITHIN
really, what ,COURAGE , and braveness with greatness do they really WIN

To have--------- great-GREAT-great-----------COURAGEOUSNESS----------,, is a virtue, to be held, proudly and strongly
when a person has the grit  COURAGE  and strength FAITH  and might to  --------FORGIVE  -forgive-FORGIVE----when they were shamed and done wrongly

A person who can have --great-GREAT-great----COURAGEOUSNESS--- and ---FORGIVE
they greatly and elitely, with success and non-defeatingly will be so greatly  BLESSED.  at their best and with PEACE  and REST. Laugh, love " sing, hum, with fun dance--and--blossum bloom and shine--flourish shine and glow--and--thrive--and--happily. LIVE

For those who can FORGIVE--NOT
i feel, very sorry for them, because in the end--their--SELFISH, SELF-CENTERED--PRIDEFULNESS--is--SHAMELESSLY----------W-O-R-T-H-L-E-S-S-L-E-Y------------all--they--GOT

When to FORGIVE  not
you will fall, falter, fail, and sooner than latter, drop

With COURAGE to  FORGIVE , with great --------humble-HUMBLE-humble------  LOVING  ----enduring -great --GODLY--CHARACTER
in your life, living, and--LOVE--you, will greatly beautifully, --BLESSEDELY---shine-SHINE-Shine--with,happiness and--BLISS--and--your greatness with elitness will --soar, and ---FOREVER--endure

22nd of NOVEMBER 2017

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Sometimes in even the greatest and deepest misunderstandings and divide