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If, another says to you,that your--KINDNESS--is--your--DOWN-FALL--and--WEAKNESS
its very evident and clear,that they appreciate ---------everything-EVERYTHING-everything-------------That, you have----------always-ALWAYS-always------------done for them and do,--with, so much disrespect, unappreciative -ness ---so -SO-so---much_LESS

A --person, --with --self --serving,-- bulliness---and--blatant--disrespectful---mean--hearted---selfish---arrogance
they look at kindness care compassion and concern, with loving consideration, as a --WEAK--STANCE

KINDNESS, and THOUGHTFULNESS, love, care compassion and concern
is something that you have first got to so lovingly unconditionally give to know feel and learn

So those who look at kindness as being weak and frail
for very long the wind will not be at their sail, and sooner than latter they will be humbled and this unkindness and, rudness with arrogance will, crash burn and--fail

If kindness gentleness and thoughtfulness with lovingness you don't chose to give
you will reap the harshness , meaness , ruthlessness and uncaring ness , in how you live

So so be kind considerate nice, loving and thoughtful with love in all things
sooner or latter, every bad heart changes to good heartfulness and happiness,---humbly---- brings

22nd of NOVEMBER 2017

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If another says to you that your--KINDNESS--is--your--WEAKNESS