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Unexpected financial problems and woes
happen with us bringing us problems--and-- financially. Lows

Unexpectedly, a speed trap,
caught me at----48MPH,-- and -- I, was supposedly in a --twenty-five-mile, residential, zone--where I was, given a ticket and with radar clocked--AT

So with unexpected financial, woes
now a --HEFTY--FINE, to,, the down-town,courts, I gots,to, PAY--ya--knows

So the amount of the FINE, I have to WAIT,--two --weeks to find out the--EXACT--amount,-  that-- I--OWE
so, I just want to pay for it online and be done, and  over with it ya,-- KNOW

Its been a pretty long while, since a ticket --I--RECIEVED
and from this little, speed ticket tonight,-I -feel, very dim light,---and--it's --an, --unexpected, financial, woe,that I still don't want to --BELIEVED

Tonight from, an, UNEXPECTED, speed, TRAP
i got a,speed ticket doing---48mph, in, a--25mph---zone, and  am guilty, and was in a hurry, and I got caught,--with--RADAR---with--ticket--and-------now-FINE- and--------Z-A-P-P-E-D

22nd  of  NOVEMBER  2017

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Unexpected financial problems and woes