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A  FRIENDSHIP, that I thought was very --sincere,--and --caring,--now-- suddenly, vanished kaput, and gone
with hardly a word of explanation as ---why, ---seems so odd, and wrong

Its just disturbing at least
like a loaf of bread just sitting still with no, hope of rising yeast

From a FRIENDSHIP, shared with genuine, care
without even an explanation or good-bye,---it---just seems,  very brutal, and unfriendly,  unfair

A sincere FRIENDSHIP, as I thought,--- that,--- in a moment became kaput and vanished
surely was not, my, desire and wish as this,

For me, FRIENDSHIPS ----go on and on,  and-- on--and------always-ALWAYS-always-------endure--and-------thrive,strive, survive,----and-----forever---flourish----grow--stronger---and--last-and-last--and---L-A-S-T
once my, heart is touched caringly thoughtfully,and sincerely, from,  another, that --closeness --is, --what,--, I-- - treasure--and----CHERRISH--- the ---mostest.--and--my--heart,--- Can -----never-NEVER-never------SAY--GOOD-BYE--and--VANISH--and--KAPUT----in--a--moment----depart---and---with--,not even a word at all---JUST--be, done, over, and----past

The true FRIENDSHIPSi of another
is the GREATEST,--BLESSING, in,  a persons,--ilife, living, and--LOVE,----and--was always the ---WISE---words, from my--AGGIE,--my --dearest ---Loving---Mother

22nd of NOVEMBER 2017

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A friendship, vanished, kaput, and gone