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Life lessons will EXACT a person and ZAP them and put them in their proper place
life will humble us all, and will dish out to us each and everyone just exactly, what  we deserve--and, with, the outcome of us winning or losing the race

Life lessons will EXACT a person
cause them to rise and shine, blossum and bloom,, or fall, trip and stall, with doom, and become frazzled and undone

Life lessons will ZAP a person
with happiness  success and fun,,or with troubles double , with nothing earned  and failures won

Life lessons will,put,  us all exactly is our proper place
with success or failure,, with victory, or  defeat, in our life, living, and love--race

Life lessons will teach,and  HUMBLE  us, each, and everyone
what we gave so abundantly, and so openly,and so generously, or--lovingly,-----OR------ meanly, ruthlessly, unkindly, and hard, --to others,we will get back all what we GAVE--DID-SAY--all--complete,with great elite of sad defeat,  ----all---we---- gave ---said ----and ----did.  --we---will ---get ---in -----EXACT--ZAP--,----back-- all --we --have--for---the-----good-GOOD-good-----or.----- Bad.-BAD-Bad------DONE

22nd of NOVEMBER 2017

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Life lessons will put a person in their place