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HIGH PRIDE, either you chose to WIN, and  L-O-S-E--it or  LOSE  and KEEP it
so, in your life, living and--LOVE--we, each have to  decide with -- HIGH--selfish--PRIDE,- if we, greedily keep, or throw humbly away every bit

is not something, to be admired, or looked up to or respected,it's really a persons downfall, and WEAKNESS

HIGH-PRIDE, it, I would rather lose
as I know this in fact  is what I choose

will do you in causing you, undue, stress,--troubles --more--than--doubles,- and----sad--great--DISTRESS, --without peace --LOVE--serenity,--and--REST

People they become--NON-COMMUNITIVE
when with, such-----GREAT-great-GREAT-----selfish,--self-,centered-----HIGH-PRIDE, ----a------COLD-cold-COLD------shoulder to another they -so--rudely--uncaringly--unconcernedely---GIVE

When you hold onto--your--HIGH-PRIDE
stress and unrest, will be on your--selfish--SIDE

When humbly, prayerfully,faithfully and --GODLY--your--HIGH-PRIDE--you.  Dumps out  with the trash,  and throw it forever --AWAY
peace, love, serenity, faith and hope--with, grace understanding,--compassion, and--GREAT-COURAGE--to--F-O-R-G-I-V-E----you, will, lovingly-LOVINGLY-lovingly--bring great peace to --thy, ownself--true----and----forever, beautifully,--strive--blossum,-- bloom --flourish--and----lovingly----STAY

23rd of NOVEMBER 2017

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High PRIDE, either you OWN it or LOSE it