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BLACK--FRIDAY-- shopping  tommorrow is back
anf folks destined to get --the---very-VERY-very--best discounted sales they will--SUCCESSFULLY--be--sailing, and prevailing,, when ----BLACK--FRIDAY, ---at Midnight, they are in the store line,strong, enduring, and --long --for--the--long--run, in it to win it, and down right focused and --GUT--dedicated--and-- determined --and on --mission--quest--GOAL--Target--and--track

BLACK-FRIDAY--thousands and thousands --of--shoppers will be out in. Hoards
trying, thriving striving and--SOMETIMES--fighting and surviving to get on super --BLACK-FRIDAY--shopping-- once a year sales a buying-- what they'd can affords and sometimes folks get a lotta crazies and goes overboards

BLACK--FRIDAYS-- shoppers
will be running crying screaming --pushing-cussing--budging--in--lines--over-stepping--and buying, and from store to store be saving buying and hoppers and hoppers, then speeding home to put all things wrapped up in christmas beautiful wrappers. ----But --S-L-O-W--- down don't speed and get a ticket from radar from our on duty police--coppers

will be here in another day

So today on --Thanksgiving, --get your fill feast and eat
cause tommorrow on a---FUN--adventurous--exciting---FABULOUS-FANTASTIC-----BLACK--F-R-I-D-A-Y ----you--will get deals galore great and one of a  kind, outstanding ---GREAT--GOOD--GRAND--super---BLACK--FRIDAY--marked--crazy almost give away--extra extra extra---special--hilariously--ELITE

The BLACK-FRIDAY,super super super.  Silly--crazy not lazy -- sales and MADNESS
will be the early early early. Birds --award--blessings--and--gladness, , where they will be in and out with a flash in the front of the line --with. Their --on-sale--great-- prize and gift in hand , then out about and home sweet home with success and --------BLACK-FRIDAY--------super duper sale and ----gladness---at, it's, cheapest  craziest and sillilyest--- but --with--great--caution--if your--LATE--sometimes very dangerously. Be your carefulest, with your guard up at its very BEST

23rd of NOVEMBER 2017

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Black Friday is back