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Between a ROCK, and a HARD space
true loving-- FAITH, --will blossum and bloom, with success and light, not darkness fail or gloom--for--LOVING--FAITH--will--flourish, even in the darkest hearts and place

Between, even solid granite hard unbreakable ROCK
FAITH-- will prevail and in the oceans greatly sail, with--GREAT, strength, stamina, and endurance with --great leaps and  bounds, and -flourish, prolong and FAITHFULLY.-- Grow with but one single tiny little--DROP

Even between the hardest and the most impossible of any SPACE
FAITH--, will --L-O-V-I-N-G-L-Y-- prevail grow and mightily sail--without hesitation, doubt  or haste, as --FAITH--, has no time to burn or hesitate or. WASTE

Between a hard space and a ROCK
fAITH-- has no time to drift sway, falter fall or--DROP

FAITH,-- only,  knows how to ---LOVINGLY-LOVINGLY-LOVINGLY-- beautifully --flourish--nourish--and---glow
FAITH-- has no boundaries or limitations --FAITH-- only knows --LOVINGNESS-- and greatness every which way a --LOVINGLY--with --GOD,-- all knowingly. --FOREVERINGLY--completely--and--elitely--neatly--sweetly---and--simply---greatly-GREATLY-greatly-----SO

By John d  JUNGERS
23rd of NOVEMBER 2017

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Between a ROCK and a HARD space