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Post Thanksgiving
in our life LOVE, and living

Post Thanksgiving, what people say and what they don't say, what they do and what they didn't DO
here ,the day AFTER, deep in my heart and MIND, I'm pondering, thinking, and reflecting, about----------EVERYTHING-everything-EVERYTHING-----------Today,--very--deeply-- TOO

I know what I wanted to do and what I wanted to SAY
but I held back and I wrote and wrote and wrote, sometimes a sweet and upbeat note,and sometimes a sad dreary hurtful sour note,--but at least for me, Post Thanksgiving, I didn't do or say,-----------NOTHING-nothing-NOTHING----------to, cause hurt discontent, or dismay,--- as I'm writings how I feel,this day after DAY, and I survived --A-N-Y-W-A-Y

Sometimes the selfishness of others and their high pride, that they cling to so --UN--BRAVE--, but--cowardly-pridefully--selfishly--greedily--obnoxiously--rudely--meanly--deceitfully-- weak --and--very--Far---from------BRAVE--COURAGEOUS---NOTEWORTHY---RESPECTFUL-----and----LOVINGLY----GODLY---STRONG--B-U-T--
they --ONE-DAY--Will.  Be.-- -simply-----------HUMBLED-HUMBLED-HUMBLED- ------and--deservingly------will get back in return --just--exact--and--fact--what they --GIVE--and in return see how they were so ---RITHLESS--MEAN, UNKIND, UNCARING, SELFISH, and--WRONG-WRONG-W-R-O-N-G

Post Thanksgiving
im Praying, and Faithfully, with mercy grace LOVE, staying , quietly, thoughtfully, and kindly, and -----very-VERY-very---Q-U-I-E-T---not-- as -------LOUDLY,-LOUDLY-LOUDLY---and---confrontational, , up front and ----directingly-- as I want to be--but just in POEM, delightingly, and striving to find the positivity, and calm in, me in my life LOVE, and living and seeking ---GREAT-COURAGE--- to -----T-U-R-N--BOTH--C-H-E-E-K-S-----and, -hold onto ---FAITH,--- with ---HOPE,--- and -----PRAY-PRAY-PRAY-----that I can just write , striving to stay bright--and to be--my best ----with----- GODLINESS----and----FORGIVING,---- for the ungrateful -ness----and ---disrespect --with---DEEP-deep-DEEP--unforgettable--deep, seeded--NEGLECT---that--some others to me are dishing out and --so------generously------unlovingly-----, uncaringly, ----,unconcerningly --giving

But for me, on this day one--Post Thanksgiving
with a LOVING, FAITHFUL, GOOD--HEART-- I, will keep on a positively swimming, swimming, and swimming--and, turn my cheeks and complete head, and praying and seeking to find more courage, to keep on a keeping on a--seventy times seventy, and more--to be--Forgiving--and, just--WRITE-PRAY-FAITHFULLY--HUMBLY--and--LOVINGLY--STAY---and--MOTIVATIONALLY--and--with---POSITIVITY, --shine my ---HEART-LIGHT,---- with  DELIGHT,---and---keep, setting GOALS, --and--keep--on-the-move -and-stay in the groove,-and--dance, --sway,-- hum,-- and-----happily-HAPPILY-happily----just----S-M-I-L-E------abd------S-I-N-G--SING--S-I-N-G-------through, all of the good, the bad, the happy , the sad, and the ugly------IN-----EVERYTHING-everything-EVERYTHING

24th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Post Thanksgiving