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Sweet hope fills my heart a day I reminisce
Of days of solitude and bliss, when I'd run to 
Steal a kiss from my King, and a ballad song
He'd sing...

Years swept by, and injury and illness hit strong
It changed our life , and weighed the scales with
Pain cut like a burning knife, but we dealt with it
In stride, standing by one another's side, still able
To guide, tucked close to dignity and pride..

Many children we raised,  now their children fill
Our days, many blessings have come our way..
We  have chosen this life together, we face it
Bright or stormy weather, peace is to be found
In this moment, and our second time around..

Good King sing that song , yes sing that tune
Under the soft blue moon.  If for chance we
Try to dance, will sway to and fro , just say
The word, I'll follow where ever you go!

We didn't ever swallowed our pride, we merrily
Took time and age in our stride..
We're good condition for our condition, so there's
Nothing we hide. 
I'm thankful after all these years, we can still share
Our laughter, and tears.
So that song together we'll sing, here's to us, your Queen
And my King...

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In our Stride, My Kings Side