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Looking out, a home window
outside watching, the sun --in--the--EAST---come up, and the sun go down , in  the--west--setting--L-O-W

Lokiing out of a window pane
watching the day,  turn into night as another day passes the same old same

Sometimes folks living at home
they are so lonely, and alone

Many elderly living home alone
no excitement, visitors or enjoyment is very well known

Elderly, at home alone get so down ,and lonely
when folks get visitors, they feel so elite and happy

If, an elder neighbor lives by you alone
come to pay them a friendly visit--and--make--them--happy--in, their. Home sweet home

When living alone and lonely, at home, for, an elderly
be a  good neighbor, stop in and show your generosity, lovingness,--and-- good--heartfulness, and-visit, your neighborly. Elderly--and. Have --and--create--great--and--good--COMPANY

25th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Looking out a home window