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A persons, genuine, weak, or --FIRM---grip, and HANDSHAKE
in an instant, on a  person, will impress weakness or strength, and a great or weak LASTING, impression on another person, at first meetings--successfully, or defeatingly -with--good----FIRM----GRIP----or--bad----GRIP----MAKE

The old fashioned , honest, sincere, ---FIRM----handshake
without contract lawyers and legal deals, old fashionably, with pure loyalty and honesty. DEALS, were sealed. And done with ---FIRM---hand shake --GREAT

The ---FIRM---handshake of another
is  the ---FIRM---honest sincere strength, of, a person--for, sure --that--lasts--and-- forever--ENDURES

Honesty will --R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T
A ---FIRM---strong, confident, honest, sincere. Handshake, --sealing--an--HONEST--deal, with--INTEGRITY--GREAT

25th of NOVEMBER 2017

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A persons genuine firm or weak grip and handshake