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Once upon a time
there was a five person family
the mom was close with the three kids
the Dad was always out of town
the bond between the kids remained strong

The once upon a time
A reality for one family
my reality going up to middle school
battling since then a new reality
separate but together as a family

No longer anything similar to being close to each other
considering myself the outsider of the family
Never knowing what’s going on
Always being yelled at
hiding in my bedroom 
avoiding leaving the room 
keeping everything I need in the room
sad thinking that my two older siblings and me
used to be forced to go inside
now we live in complete sepreate rooms when under one roof
rarely ever speaking 

From close to getting flipped upside down 
what happened 
one simple incident 
being the designated driver
driving the hour and a half to get home after a wedding
the rest of the family completly drunk 
while driving I pulled the car over and got sick 
the smell of alcohol overloaded my system 
that's what caused the split in the family
nothing that could have been controlled 
something that was wished they would never remember

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