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To many things to do in such little time
I feel like a circus clown juggling priorities
And fun, work first, it can't be left undone.

Days travel oh so fast, my thoughts linger
In the past. 
"Wake-up" says the voice in my head, try
Just doing, leaving the rest unsaid.
So I start all over again, and go back to bed!

Eyes open wide again, up to feed the animals
And clean their beds, patting them gently on
Their heads.

So what if I'm up before the dawn, so what 
If I frequently yawn, my eye behold the beauty
Of this good earth, a quality of valued worth.

That is life on this farm you see, the stocks
Depend on me, food and water they need..
Keep it simple, just care for my nest, life's
Always will be put to the test...

Now back in the house, I can finally rest.
Each moment is full with care, with many
Demands are approached with kindness

Got to love this Farms air...
Many times, I've tend the soil
Reaped, it's harvest, in labour's

The land gives life, can not forget
This plain fact, what is given comes
Ten times back, with loving hope,
I stay on track.....

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A Farm`s Care