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These are the peaceful moments
before the rush of day.....
The hush of stillness brings
A peaceful strength, my body
Needs, my spirit leads the way..

So my heart can fill each hour.
My moments like silky dew on
Each flower, yeilding power..
Special sight, of sleep's awakening

My prayers are strongly said, his 
Blessings fills my thankful heart
To direct me in mornings start...

What moment pass is seen, he
Washes the spirit clean... When
The sun rise rays softly gleams.
I've grown to see the light as....
Inner hope, a gentle glow of open

Sweet moments of wakening day
Moves swiftly, it molds the hours
Like sculpture's clay...
Masterpiece of moments are brief
It closes, like the crossed arms of
The Indian Chief..

So make good the time
God is giving...
Bring greater value
to the life I'm living....
A time of peace...
Can open the mind..
Can nurture wisdom..
So hard to find....

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Peaceful Moments