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For the  COMPANY  that we keep
do they make us feel, happy, sad, great, or--WEAK

Do, we INFLUENCE another, or do they INFLUENCE us
who is the most positive INFLUENCE , then or us

When steel, INFLUENCES steel
the-- mutual, INFLUENCE  is ,sturdy, progressive, enduring and the real deal

When the strength of another INFLUENCES, the weakness of another
one draws and zaps the positive strength --and--ENERGY--from the other

Be, cautious,-wise,  and very careful, of the--COPANY-- that, you frequent, befriend, and--KEEP
for the INFLUENCE of some, may be weak, and down falling weak, as the INFLUENCE, of others are so genuine. Loving, caring, sharing, HONEST-HUMBLE--

For the COMPANY, that you--KEEP
will, INFLUENCE  you, great, --OR--weak

The INFLUENCE of the, company that you, --frequent--keep--and--make
will, INFLUENCE  you, --good--or--bad---strong---weak--or--GREAT

27 th of NOVEMBER. 2017

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For the company that we keep