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While having all of time and space
Traveling with my tardis
Otherwise a companion to keep
Me company, keeping from getting to close
To them since I always lose them in the end

I have all who I have got close to
Which now after Rose got trapped
In a parallel universe to her own
I gave getting too close
But still having companions to
Come with me on my travels

I like to be alone but
I fear being alone
Enjoying the silence alone
Brings with it
Also hating it at the same time
Wanting someone a companion
To keep me company but also
Able to keep them at a
Distance so I don’t feel
So bad when I have to let them
Resume their lives back on earth
Because I can't stand to see them

Wanting them to help me
Face my enemies
The one that was the best
Was the first Rose
She was the first person
To help and easily became
My favorite companion
Remembering what she looked like
Her voice sounded like
Most of all the last words that we exchanged
Among other memories
And other conversions

Feeling the pain so many face
Burying it on the inside
Afraid to show it
Wanting to pursue with showing strength
With not a care in the world
Focusing on my friends
Among my enemies
Distracting myself from the
Pain inside
Go now, be strong, show strength, be brave

The one left behind

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Having all of time and space