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When you, look in the--MIRROR-- what you, should see
is the hard--WORK-- in --PROGRESS--, of the person,who you are, and who you, are striving To, better and your very best become, with--REALITY-- and be--the--work in --PROGRESS----and--MASTERPIECE--TO--BECOME--when, done and to--proudly--BE

When, looking in the mirror
stay, ---MOTIVATED, ---FOCUSED---and ---have ----no----FEAR

For the --MIRROR-- is a -direct, exact, and, fact---R-E-F-L-E-C-T-I-O-N--, of  YOU--and--ME
but just as an unfinished ----POEM---painting, --and--MASTERPIECE----a--work, in --PROGRESS-- takes time to--PERFECT--as--masterfully, craftingly, talently, --GREAT--accomplishingly--with--MASTERPIECE----Happy-HAPPY-Happy----REALITY

28th of NOVEMBER  2017

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When you look in the mirror you should see