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To be in --DEPTH,-- with, wisdom, rhythm, rhyme, poem, and reason
Or to be--INEPT--, with-no-common--sensibility, reason, --meanig--or --season

With, an in  DEPTH, choice of words
A, writers words of, common sense,  are commonly understood, and humanely felt and sincerely,--HEART-FULLY---- by--most--heard

With, a choice of words, as being--INEPT, with common, sensibility,  of  hardly, -AnY
and hard to, understand, and comprehend to--Many

To, be in --DEPTH--with common sense,-- LOVE--, care, compassion, care, and--LOYALTY
is, a Blessed thing to seek, and is as, worthy,  -and------great-GREAT-great---as-----royalty

28th of NOVEMBER 2017

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To be in depth, with reason