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Words in RHYME, heard---around---the--WORLD
a, --POETS,-- rhythm, rhyme, and reason, for every, season, in, every--place--is--in, free, verse--UNFURLED

Sometimes a --POET--they may --WRITE
first and foremost for their own delight, no matter what the reason, or feelings, with, emotions--and--insight, day, or--night

For.-- A--WRITER--, what I believe and --THINK
For whatever they chose to --WRITE,--it's  their  poetry, that, proudly, they own, in --permanent--INK

Some may WRITE for profit, published wealth and--FAME
as with some first and foremost they WRITE to impress, themselves The, exact--SAME

Some may compliment, and applaud a  POEM  you, did--POST
as on the other hand another will criticize , you the--MOST

My biggest fan, was my Agnes my Mother--DEAR
and,-- I,--- LOVED-LOVED-LOVED-----how, --SHE-- was so, immensely--proud of my ----every-EVERY-every---POEM,---she, did--HEAR

John-BOY, --to me so, --LOVINGLY-lovingly-LOVINGLY--she--would, so softly,and---sweetly-SWEETLY-sweetly--SAY
ohhhh--John--BOY, that's, just--so-so-so------B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L--in, every, WAY

So, for me, when some may say and think, that with ink, and--POEM--
That,, I --WRITE------too-TOO-too,---- much as--such, --ME--they just don't -----REALLY-really-REALLY------K-N-O-W
that, I've got at least another--FIVE--THOUSAND--POEMS--or--so--to--GO

28 th of  NOVEMBER 2017

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