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I remember my prize,
A shinny new buffalo Nickle.
It's value to me was amazing...
In sports I left the track blazing.
The hurdles where tuff, but I loved
The challenge as much as Plum Duff...

The Olympics came to our school district.
I practiced 6 hours a day ,  my skills outweighed
My ills.
My shins and knees were swollen and weak, so I ran the
Track slow, it was an obstacle for Athelets, and geeks.

Time was drawing near, just eight Days days away.My
Grandfather said that the  buffalo would be mine,
If I came at least third at the finish line.
So I iced the swelling in my knees,
Then put them at ease..
I needed awareness and strength, to run like a breeze.

The 100 yard dash, I took second place.
The Standing Broad Jump, I took first place!
The Balanced beam I took third, so happy to 
See my family in the crowd, my younger brother
Victor, was whistling loud!!

Three small and polished trophies, I placed on the 
Mantle, much to my surprise, three Buffalo's in each cup.
I looked up at my Grandfather's face, he kept his word..
As my winnings took their place.

Plenty ice and Ace bandages for my knees
Thankful I was able to make the challenge
And  manage the pain, ever so happy those Buffalo's
Where in my range..
Felt very happy, and strange...

Many years later, I polish those trophies, and
Wipe off their dust.It could be my imagination
But I believe my knees, were subject to rust..
It sure was worth it, this you can trust!!

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Buffalo Nickle