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Leave your troubles behind,
life is second gear,
the time for change is here,
Set aside your fear, 
Hold this moment dear.

The sun is shining bright, 
A day when the wind is at
My back, on this mountain
track. Yes winter calls, we 
Must answer, it's demands
Are out of our hands, it waves
And stands, at our door.

Nature's flight is in our sight,
A scene we can not miss, this 
Day is a momentary gift, so let 
It helps us lift, one day of bliss,
Like a loving kiss, holding, dear
A moment such as this.

So in the rage of winter's storms
We will recall, those days that warm.
Calling out, to one and all these fleeting
Rays of sun, to bring the land to sleep.
A treasure the mind can keep, the last
Waking hours before winter's steep.

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Last Waking hour`s, Before Winter`s Steep