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Tears lost their place, when they ran down my face
All has vanished in the night, my tears washed clean
Those saddening years, hope has found away, it greeted
Me today, my wish that in my heart, it's found a place to

I've lived through many angry storms,
but viewed the sun kissed
Skies, it set me free to walk this land,
it reached out and caressed
My hand, I want a friend to

The end of stress and fear has called out my
Name, and I answered with a peace I hold so
Close and dear. 
In the silent night it shares it's glow that holds
Me soft yet tight..

Do you see it's spirit in it's mystic flight?
Do you feel it's power on distant mountains heights?
Hold all that you have in the fleeting moment dear,
Your silence will not fall upon deaf ear, it will hold
The heart of tomorrow's joy, and birth it's sound
So clear..
Now thrives a day of joy and peace, when those
Tears have finally ceased..

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A Day of Joy And Peace