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In the open eyes of fate
My love quietly waits
There grows a life
In pestilence strife
A double edge
I fight the fight of fights...
Strong and open to my 
Claim, the lost snare calls out
It's fame....
In solemn vow it's made a
Claim, life and death, is 
Not in vain....
Holding the blue hollow's
Insanity, surrenders, to Sanity's
The Heavens drench the fires,
In absence it's fading Pier..
Walls unsupported tumble
bridge's fall in the town..
War has made it's
Presence known, freedom's
Cry, spring's forth in thrill
When it's passing triumphs
Stands so still..
The ruin sobs of battles end
Freedom cries to face the

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Freedom Cries to Face...the Bend