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The, words, that WE-SPEAK, and--CHOOSE
The words, that, to another, that in fact, we do say, and do not say, may cause, us to--WIN--RESPECT--or--gain--more--Neglect--and--LOSE

Sometimes, if we did, talk, and say,--- everything--EVERYTHING--everything---up front, and --with --no--filters--DIRECT
and impulsively, with no filters, say completely, all that we--FELT--in, blunt--honesty--REFLECT

To, some folks, especially, when they are, selfish, ungrateful, wishy, washy, and--WRONG--a, knock, out blow, would--BE-SENT
then, when falling outs, happen and occur, we feel deep resents, because our--blunt--honesty, with, reality--caused--hurt-and--DENT

So, as for. Me, its just much better in, POEM, to--VENT--and, write, between, my--POETIC--LINES
and, STAY, FOCUSED, PRAY, have--FAITH--smile, and--SHINE

For, the TRUTH,of the matter, will, always--BE
humbleness, will not -be --DELIVERED--by, you, anyone, not--YOU--or--ME--,for in all, things, good, great, and grand, bad, sad, wrong, and ugly--with--REALITY--GOD--will--JUDGE--us--ALL--YOU---and--ME--and--everything-EVERYTHING-everything--he---will---SEE


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The words, that we speak, and choose