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From the Four Corners of the world rose the Dragon Kin.
The Cost of Ireland,
in a massive cave, the hearts of lovers 
So kind and brave,
looks for their children's return, two children
Of fire entice ,two of crystal ice,
the Family, long lost has reunited
In winter's frost...
Ancient times extremes, was haunted Ireland's
Prehistoric age of stone, sent bloods chill to the bone.

Together they frolic in their land,
still helping the Stone Age Man
Their Kingdoms ruled so fair,
watched these Dragons flair.....
Now distant from their tears,
they found their mates, for
Many years..
The good people felt no fears,
It is said the ...
Fire dragons led, in deepest Volcano's Red.
the Dragon's
Of special Ice,  
was guarded in slate's of ice their families
Feature's were preservation and sacrifice..

Now free from starvation, these Massive Creatures provided
The people grew strong and wise,
they dwelled in peace by..
One another's side..
The Ice Dragons froze the water's deep, a Bridge of ice paved
And closed the gaps, their Brothers fire would melt the bridge
In days of spring, the good people thrived in harmony..
Eventually as times renewed, these creature's formed 
The Continents and Oceans blue, incased in land, or water's

So ends the Dragon's tears, they became
The land and water of This Earth, embracing 
Life in the Planet's birth!
This tale of fiction ,is dedicated to my Grandson,
Who once asked me, are Dragons ever good..
Dedication, kindness can dwell in the most
Unlikely times, hearts and places, signifying
Purpose, in all forms of life. So ends this 

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A Dragon`s Tears 3 ( Final Formation)