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A poor man looks to The Heavens
He ask God to soothe his pain....
A down pour of rain, falls like,
a speeding freight train....

The Man dripping wet, looks up
Again, and asks what was the
Rain about?
In one gust of wind it throws
Him till he shouts...

Now dry from the merciless wind
He looks up once again.....
Realizing at this time, as his blood
Pressure climbs....he will careful
What he asks, because God has
Many a tasks..

Before he could speak his words
Thunder shook the air, lightning
Lit the skies, and he caught a glimpse
Of Gods eyes....brilliantly enhancing,
His spirit flys..

Now standing at the Pearly Gates
Saint Peter greets the Man with open
Arms, He asked if his pain was soothed, 
His long white waves of hair was glistening

"What pain ?"The poor man said?
"I was rained on, and blown apart,
Then my spirit did depart, I've seen 
The eye's of God glancing from the
Sky's, and standing here wondering

Saint Peter said," You only asked to 
Have him soothe your pain, so the
Ultimate task for this day, was to
Take your pain away!"

The poor man soul pure as the
Driven rain, never again could
Complain, thus knowing, with life,
There is pain..

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