My Life (post divorce and empty nest) in Sonnets

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Original Contemporary Poetry by author, Jean Parr


Disappointment, broken promises are my downfall
Short of breath, I already know the outcome
The tears start to fall
I have no will to stop them

Anxiety builds, I tell myself not to make plans, surely he will come through, like the sunrise
At the last minute, I decide to go off the grid, distraught in my heartache
When he doesn't reach out, a part of me dies
I don't know how much more my heart can take

Can't sleep, but too fatigued to stay awake, in a haze
I don't care enough about myself to even try
Making poor decisions seem to rule my days
Back to the emergency room, good-bye

I am so broken, I don't even believe in love
Why do I feel like the arrow piercing the heart of a dove?

All rights reserved by the author, Jean Parr, through, Copyright 2017