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No food, no water, the desert sands 
Burn deep, my mind shifts to haze
Wiping clean, those tormented days...
Oasis stands in the sullen corners
Of consciousness, awaiting my ...
Arrival, the wind, sand and scorching
Sun, strikes out to take my survival..

Green and lush and full of life, oasis 
Greets me well, a sure piece of Heaven
In the outskirts of the deserts hell....
So I stand by the waters of an open well
It slowly quench my thirst, my eyes no
Longer dry, tears now fill my eye's to..
Be in this piece of paradise...

Am I saved? Or enslaved? What I do not
Know, but I'll gladly live in servitude, then
Walk this desert rude.. Without water or
A second chance as my eyes glance, my 
Mother and father stands to meet me...
Now I know this Desert roam, has brought
Me to my eternal home...
The Oasis sweetly, tells me the desert took
My life, but it did not defeat me..

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Desert Roam