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I LOVE, to write a poem, and RHYME
with-- LOVE--happiness, and joyful, beautiful--SUNSHINE

A POSITIVE, and bright poetic--RHYME
promotes, goodness, happiness and SHINE

A POSITIVE, encouraging, and uplifting--RHYME
is, something, great for us all to FIND

As with us all, everyday challenges we must FACE
where ever  we, are in every clime and PLACE

So, a simple POEM, with POSITIVE, thoughtful--uplifting-RHYME
touches, a--HEART--a--mighty--bright--with,--sunSHINE

No matter what, every day, turns to cloudiness and darkness some way
so, with POSITIVENESS, and FAITHFULNESS, we hold onto our LOVINGNESS, and we  do our best, to  HUMBLY--hold onto--HOPE--and--PRAY


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I LOVE, to write a RHYME