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Gungy Jim

Gungy Jim, in from labouring  
In The Regimental grounds
To collect your plate
Sometimes just couldn't wait
Left you sitting there
Knife and fork in the air
Mystified expression on you face
Looking at that empty space
Where had been your food.

When we cleared the cookhouse
Gungy Jim and his workmates
Got to eat and sometimes
Just couldn't wait.
Johnny Cozzens
Fought for his food
One memorable day
But sadly lost when
His plate was whipped away.

Sunday nights
In his best in Elli's Bar
Herr Johan became
A different man.
Difficult at first to reconcile him
With the overalled Gungy Jim
Wanting us to finish
And vacate each seat
So he could eat
Who sometimes just couldn't wait
So he went and stole your plate.

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Gungy Jim