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Wind at my back, rain all around
The roar of thunder sounds..
A safe place, no where to be found..
Winter's rain continues to pound.

Lightning strikes the woodland
Trees, brought me to my knees..
In the distance stood a cave..
I head in it's direction, a certain
Need of it's protection!

The storm is pulling my strength
I become weak, but I arrive at the
Cave I seek..
Much to my surprise, no wild animal
To be found, just a small boy and his
Dog, sat by a fire on a hollow log...

The sound of storm echoed strong
It roared and screamed all night long
The Boy motion for me to sit down,
His dog jumped off the log, and laid
On the ground.

I looked in the boys eyes, did not see
One bit of fear, I asked him if the storm
Brought him here..
"No, it is where I play, but it is the reason now
I stay."  
"When this storms end, you can follow me home,
My mother will give you some soup and bread,
So hang in there," the young boy said.

The storm did pass at last, we left the cave
We traveled fast.
Welcomed by the boys mother and brother
I sat with them at their table, a prayer of 
Thanks for all the food, safety, now stable.

Kindness can lift us in the hardest of 
Times, the faces and places you go, 
Will stay in your heart, for ever to know...
When kindness shows, peace will grow..

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When Kindness Shows