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Through the open door
Kids referred to as nerds putting stuff on beds
While dibbing where they where going to be sleeping
They were smiling, laughing tv on the American Food Network
When they should be sleeping
The clock says four am
Conversations are still happening with eight girls in the room
Required to breakfast from room 437 in three to three and a half hours
Not tired at all they continue to on the American Food Network
For entertainment while freaking out about memes
Talking about what you could never imagine or ever dare to say
The cleanliness of the room is disaster at best
Cloths on top of the tv, counter, chairs, couches,
In the bathroom, floor, on top of poster boards, safety equipment,
Safety glasses, bags, and more all over the room
Talking about robot data spreadsheets being made frantically and last-minute research
Getting done kids running from one part of the room to the other to find stuff
In the piles of things placed in different places
The only thing that remained constant is the passion for watching the American Food Network
Since that channel has not been changed and on since eight pm
With everything else going in that room every girl in that room watching
The Food Network until the fall asleep

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Room 327